Technology is changing day by day in any sector, this is known truth. Before computers and mobiles, data is stored in lot of records(books), waiting for news papers to know the information. In present situation everyone is able to know information in fraction of seconds in mobiles or computers.There are number of applications to provide these information.

      There are many mobile, desktop and web applications for news, Every news channel has their own News apps. Many applications for Gaming (Free fire, Pubg, Candy Crush etc), Social media Applications(Facebook, Twitter etc) and entertainment applications(TikTalk, ShareChat etc) for entertainment, Bank applications for banking sector, drawing and design applications (Auto CAD, Catia etc) for automobile design and building designs. All these applications are developed by one of the programming language with help of frameworks.

         When you turn on mobile or laptop, how it is opening? with the help of operating system(like Android OS, IOS (IPhone OS), Windows, MAC, Linux), These operating systems are developed by using programming language.

     Programming Language is nothing but set of instructions,which is input for computer to get particular output.

    Code Calculate is the online tutorial platform. We provide all programming Languages like C, C++, C#, Python, and  Java etc.

        Query Language like SQL for Database management systems(Oracle, DB2, MySql etc)

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        Code Calculate is the biggest online platform