In the above application, on the left side, we have name, age, gender, address are there. In any programming language, these are variables.

Variables are nothing but containers that store the values. ​

On the right side, we assigned the values to the variables. We can change the values. As this is a simple application form, we can write or print the data, But in programming language, we need to declare the variables and define(adding values to the variables).To Declare a variable, we need to follow some syntax,

Syntax to declare a variable is,

data_type variable_name;

Syntax to declare and initialize variable is,

data_type variable_name = value;

Data Type(s) :

In c++ programming , we must specify the type of the variable while declaring. 

Application  Form

Name     : Naga

Age        : 24

Gender  : M

Address : Bangalore

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