Step by Step Installation of python

All mac pc's have python already installed. In windows also python installed in some systems. All unix/linux systems are coming with python installed

Few scenarios where python already installed

  • There are many tools in operating system which developed using python, to use those tools python is required. With that tools python will come to your system

  • There are some third party applications which build on python. When you use those third party applications python will install along with that applications

You can install python in three steps

    step 1 : Check python is there or not in your system

    step 2 : Download python from

    step 3 : Install python

Step 1 :​ Check whether python installed or not in your system

Open 'command prompt'  and type command 'python --version' as shown below

If python is installed in your system it will show like 'Python 3.8.1'.    3.8.1 is the version number , you may have different version

If python is not installed it will give error message like,

Step 2 : If python is not there in your system download python from the link​ 

You can click on 'Download Python 3.8.2' it will download latest version​ . 3.8.2 is latest when i am creating this tutorial.

This will install 32 bit version of python. Even your operating system(OS) is 64 bit , the 32 bit version of python will work.

If you want to go for particular version(like 3.6, 3.7 etc) click on 

         windows for windows OS

         Linux/UNIX for linux/unix OS

         MAC OS X for mac 

         Other for other operating system's

Here you can download any version you want

Note For windows  OS

Windows x86-64 is for 64 bit operating system

Windows x86 is for 32 bit operating system

Step 3 : After downloading you need to install python, GO To File Explorer --> This PC --> Downloads

               Double click on 'python-3.8.2'  (OR) right click on 'python-3.8.2' and  click on 'run as administrator'

select check box below at 'Add Python 3.8 to PATH' so that it will add python interpreter (python.exe) path  to environment variable. you no need to add explicitly.

Then click on -->Install Now

You will get successful message after installation is completed

Along with python command line interpreter, you will get IDLE(Python 3.8 64-bit) while installation by default

IDLE is Integrated Development and Learning Environment. 

python command line interpreter                                       IDLE(Integrated Development and Learning Environment)

In both python command line interpreter and IDLE we can write the python code, but in IDLE we can create files and work with python efficiently. see the IDLE image above we have menu like File, Edit, Shell, Debug, Options, Windows, Help

so we can organize python code in IDLE , this is enough for learning but in projects we need to related code in different files. For that purpose we need IDE(Integrated development environment) like Pycharm, Eclipse, Visual Studio.

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