• Python is high level general purpose Programming Language. It was created by Guido Van Rossum  in 1991 and is developed by 'Python Software Foundation'. 

  • Python is simple, easy to code, easy to read. 

  • Python is interpreted, interactive and object oriented programming language. 

  • Python has efficient high level data structures and it has effective approach to object oriented programming

Features of python

1.Easy to code
          Compared to other pogramming languages like Java and C++ , python is very easy to code. It need very less number of lines to code
2.Easy to Read
          Python is high level language, it is look like english words with mathematical expressions(no need to worry to the term mathematics). So It is very understandable
        print("Hello Python") --> see this line anyone can understand who knows english, it is printing 'Hello Python'.
3. High Level
Python is a high level programming language. So that it is easily understandable. we don't need to remember the system architecture.we don't need to bother about memory management. It will take care of many things.
4.Free and Open-Source
Python is Free, means you can download the python application freely and you can use it for any purpose. Python is Open source, it means you can download the python source code of python, you can change the source code, you can distribute the changed code also. It is called as FLOSS(Free/Libre and Open Source Software. Every one aim is to make python more simple, understandable, every one able to understand.
Python is portable, It means we can write python code in any operating system and we can run in any operating system. If we write python code in windows and we can run it in mac or linux based also.
we can relate any object(computer, mouse, chair, fan etc,.  around us in code with the help of object oriented programming. we can create class(design) for same kind of objects we can implement the related objects to that class. It is like making many number of cars from same design with the help of object oriented features (Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism).
If you know about java , C++ , first whole code get compiled then execute. we don't need to compile python. Interpreted means it will execute line by line. so the debugging code is easy in python. because of line by line execution it is little bit(not that much) slower than other programming languages. we don't need to bother about linking to libraries and few other things.
we can write some of python code in Other programming languages like C and C++ . This makes python is extensible language, so that it can be extended to other programming languages.
9.Dynamically Typed
Python is dynamically-typed.that means we don't need to mention data type to variables. The datatype will be decide based on the value to that variable. 
10.Standard Library
Python has Large standard library. we don't need to write code to everything because it has many libraries. There are mathematical libraries, file handling libraries,data base related libraries, email related,debugging libraries.we can use those libraries to reduce our coding time.


  • Scientific computing

  • Machine learning

  • web development

  • software development

  • scripting

  • Test frameworks

  • Mobile, Web, Desktop applications

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