Create Table

Tables: table is collection of related data. We will store data in database using table format(columns and rows).

Query to create table in database

CREATE TABLE tablename(
    column_name DATA_TYPE,
    cloumn_name DATA_TYPE

Create Table Example

We already created code_calculate database. we are going to create tables in the code_calculate database.Before create table just check which database you are using

CREATE TABLE employees(
    empId INT,
    empName VARCHAR(20),
    department VARCHAR(3)

  • Table with name 'employees' is created in the code_calculate database

  • empId, empName, department are the column names

  • INT, VARACHAR are data types, we will learn what are data types in sql in next page

I have written query in 5 lines for readability purpose only, you can create whole query in one line.

CREATE TABLE employees(  empId INT,  empName VARCHAR(20),  department VARCHAR(3)  );

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