Before Going to Learn SQL, First we need to understand what is Data, Data Base, Data Base Management System(DBMS) ?

Data : Data is nothing but information. Facts and Statistics collected together for analysis or reference 

  • Information of a person like Name, Age, Gender, Address etc. 

  • Employee details in Organisation, patient and doctor information in hospital is nothing but data

  • The information daily we are talking, writing ,searching in google is data

Data Base : The collection of data in an structured way . Structured way means in the form of collection of tables 

There are many units in an organisation.It maintains information of all units, information of employees, and different levels of employees (Systems engineers, senior systems engineers, Technology Leads, Managers senior managers etc) in structured way , is nothing but database.

Data Base Management System(DBMS) : DBMS is a software that is used to store, retrieve, update, delete the data in the database by using sql language 


We need one management system to manage DATA in DATABASE

There are many DataBase Management Systems.

List of Database Management Systems are,

  • MySQL

  • Oracle

  • PostgreSQl

  • DB2

  • SQLite

We need to communicate with database management system to create database, delete database, create tables in database,  delete tables in database, insert data into tables, update data into tables, delete data in tables. For that we need a language, that is SQL. From next we are going to learn SQL(Structured Query Language)

SQL Introduction

  • SQL is Structured Query Language, also called as SEQUEL (Structured English Query Language)
  • SQL was initially developed at IBM by Donald D.Chamberlin and Raymond F.Boyce 
  • SQL is designed to manage data in database management system
  • SQL became a standard for American National standards Institute(ANSI) in the year 1986, and International Organisation for Standardization in the year 1987
  • SQL is not a case sensitive.
  • SQL is a cross platform. It can work on any system
Don't forgot semicolon(;) at the end of every statement
You can use whole sql query in a single line or you can divide into lines for readability purpose
SQL Keywords : create, select, drop, insert, from, into ,table etc..

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